Welcome to the Player concept page. Here you will find SWG concepts made by us here at MyGalaxie.com and other SWG players. The goal of this page is for the Head honchos over at SWG to see what we want and how it should look.

If you have a concept that you would like to see posted here all you have to do is submit it the concept and any picture or flash movie that explains it to us Submit here

SWG Expansion Coruscant

I know Coruscant is not a conceivable planet to do right now due to its immense size and lag that it will create but these are some of the things I would like to see when it comes out.

- Be able to visit locations mentioned and seen in the Movies, Novels, other games, etc.
- Atmospheric flying (fly your speeder around)
- Take part in Senate meetings, Vote on game changes.
- Real time public transportation (Taxi, maglev trains, etc.)
- Rentable apartments, the better the apartment the more the pay.
- Join in a group and if you have enough resources and money you could build a skyscraper
- Fly your Spaceship from space to the rooftop of your building
- Lot more species and professions to choose from
- Have the Coruscant Server be a hub for all servers : all players on any server can all meet up on Coruscant. Your name would then be "Rodja Mez - Bria", "Arri Rala - Gorath" etc.

Working Electro Binoculars

I always wondered why the Electro Binoculars where never usable, They would be real useful especially when you want to scout out a location like the Tuskan Fort or Kaurt Dragon Nests without being attacked,

- Different levels of magnifications depending on the quality of the materials used to make it
- Night vision, Thermo vision could also be available with different types of
Electro Binoculars

Star Wars Galaxies Messenger

This is an idea that I think would help players who want to play when their friends. Also it will help people keep tabs on the houses by seeing if they need maintenance.

- View online status of friends
- Manage In game mail, structures, view server status, etc
- Launch Game from it.

Pod Racing

I have always loved the concept of Pod Racing, SWG has the perfect game to have these races in. Imagine it your on Tatooine and crossing the desert when all of a sudden you see a  Pods zooming past you, Sounds and all.  Imagine driving one! Pod Racers wouldn't be used as transportation, they would only be able to be ridden in a track zone (just like battlefields) If you were to go outside of the zone you would dismount.
You would be able to build them from scratch just like Anakin did. you would be able to place bets on the races, There would even be official race tracks like Boonta Eve. Jabba would go there sometimes when there is a big NPC event. Just like when Vader or Boba Fett are seen at events.

- Totally Customizable Pod Racers
- Official Tracks. Boonta Eve, Etc.
- Watch and bet on NPC only Races while Jabba watches from his Skybox.

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