Ok, so you loaded JTL, now what? Well, when loaded you should have seen a screen pop up asking you what flag you wanted to fly under: Imperial, Freelance, or Rebel. You choose a city and no matter where you are it takes you straight to that city with a nice little path to the trainer. The trainer gives you a starter ship and a mission, and you head off to the starport and choose "Launch into space". You're flying around when these three Black Sun pilots pop out of no where and start chasing you. No, these aren't the mission guys, as they will be in a red box and use little piloting skills. You target one but the other two just waste you from the back and you realize pretty quickly; this ship sucks. I need a new ship.

Now we are up to date. Not everyone was able to play beta so not everyone knows what to look for when assembling a ship. Well the good news is that your starter ship is the easiest ship you will ever have to outfit. The bad news is it will still sucks when compared to higher end competition if not properly outfitted, and in this case I mean tier 2 enemies. SO, what do you need, and what should you look for? Well, I am glad you asked. The first thing you need to do is find a Master Shipwright who can fill a personal order for you or shop the Bazaar for the parts you need, there are plenty of parts available (you will have to travel though)

Here are the parts you need to obtain to get your ship going:

Ship Blue Prints



Front Armor

Rear Armor



Disruptor (Blasters)

These are Optional Add-ons

Droid Interface

Missile Pack

Chaff Pack

Chaff Launcher


Booster (Hyperspace)

Now you're saying, "Ok, so what is all this stuff?" Well, keep your shirt on and we will tell you.

This is the foundation of your ship. DO NOT SKIMP ON THIS PART. How well you shop this item will determine how good your ships can be. For a starter ship this number should be well into the 11,000s. There is a wide variety of ships available at this level, as well as any other level, so I will not go into name details. The way this works is you buy a "blueprint" from a Shipwright (as well as the other things that were/will be mentioned), then go to your local starport and find the chassis salesman. He will search your inventory for a blueprint and quote you a price (10k credits for a starter chassis). After you pay, you will receive a deed for that ship. Unpack it, go to a ship terminal, and choose the option to manage your ship components. Each category you have an item for will have a little yellow box next to it. Click on the box, select the item you wish to load, and choose load on the top, middle screen. Do this for every item you have to put in your ship. At the bottom you will see your chassis size (again, should be over 11k) and, after you load your reactor, your energy allowance. If after you load up one of these numbers is red, you need to talk to a Shipwright about replacing an item with something that will fit. Be VERY descriptive in what you need (i.e. I am 200 over on energy, what is the best way to lower my energy without sacrificing performance? -or- These are the power levels/mass of the items I have... do you have anything better than these?)

The reactor core is what gives your ship power. The key stats for this component are Power and Mass requirements. The power available needs to be over 10500 to be considered of average quality. Anything thing less then this means the builder is not using very good supplies. Once the power level is over 10500 all other experimentation should go to mass reduction.

This is your key propulsion unit. Without it you don't go anywhere. However, the level 1 engines are crap for speed. For instance, my first engine gave me a top speed of 396. You don't get much more sucky than that when having to travel 7km through space. What you are looking for here is an engine in the 49.0 and up range. That is a great starter engine. After the engine speed has been maxed, you want all other experimentation to go to mass reduction, as the increased speed increases the mass of the ship (I could be backwards here and it could be the energy consumption that increases... I don't have my old charts from beta anymore, but I am sure someone will correct me and then I will update this).

This is your armor. Once your shields are gone this is what gets hit. It is the last line of defense before your weapons, engines, chassis, etc get damaged. There are two armor holes, a primary and secondary slot. Since your shields are also going to suck big time, you need your armor up over 250 fore and aft (front and back for the nautically challenged) to help protect you from that rear bogey fire, and the one that charges you just blasting away. The armor enhancement will increase the mass of your ship, so all remaining experimentation after the armor level needs to go into mass reduction.

This is the primary defense system for your ship, and one of the REALLY customizable parts once you find out what type of pilot you are. For now we will start with a base of balanced shields in front and back. These aren't very good right now, but they should be over 230 in front and back. The mass reducer is not 100% necessary, but might be depending on the Chassis size of your ship. Your shields should be the last component you buy for your ship to find out what you can and cannot fit onto your vessel.

This is what allows you to fire your guns and torpedoes. The key stat here is recharge rate. The higher this is, the less total energy you need it to hold. Ideally, you want this number over 20.0, but the 19s will do because of what we are going to do to the blaster cannons.

This is your main offensive weapon. As you can see, there are three types, which will become important later. For right now, you want blaster cannons because they are the most balanced damage type. The speed delimiter is going to increase your refire rate (marginally to tell the truth.. it really should be higher) while decreasing the energy required to fire by about half. Basically, you will be recharging faster than you can fire so you will in essence have unlimited ammunition. In Beta, I had my ship with dual cannons set up with an Ion cannon for knocking out shields and a disruptor for knocking out armor and the ability to fire indefinitely. I was taking down Tier 4 ships in a tier 1 ship AFTER they changed the system. You, however, are in a starter ship, so quit dreaming.

Depending on the person you find, and the supplies they have, this configuration should work. You may notice there is no booster and no torpedoes on this ship, and that is because they are dispensable at this time. They will come in handy later when you are ready for advanced tactics in a ship that can actually PERFORM enhanced tactics. The content you will be flying against at first will not be able to withstand your onslaught for very long with this ship. They can't really damage you, and even though your weapons are crap for damage you never have to pause to recharge. This means their shields don't get to regenerate. Now all that's left is for you to learn to fly...

Good luck, pilot...and may the force be with you.

Below are the other devices that you can add to your ship. Adding one of these will mess up the configuration above but you should experiment and see what you like.

This component will allow your R series droid or Flight computer to communicate with your ship. It will let you adjust certain ship components. Freelance Pilots will be able to adjust the Reactor and energy for their ships. Imperial Pilots will be able to adjust their Weapons and Engines. Alliance Pilots will be able to adjust their Shields. Right now the only ships that can equip an astromech droid are the Z-95, X-Wing, and Y-Wing.

Requires Launcher - Missile packs are the ammo that you need to load into your ship before you launch into space. You can only load a certain missile pack into a certain missile launcher. (i.e. Proton torpedoes can only be loaded into proton launchers)

Requires Launcher - Chaff packs are the counter measures that you need to load into your ship before you launch into space. these will help keep you from getting bombarded with missiles.

This is self explanatory, equipping this will allow you to launch counter measures. The key stat that you are looking for is the refire rate. the lower the better.

This is self explanatory as well, equipping this will allow you to launch missiles. There are different launchers that can only load a certain missile packs (i.e. Proton torpedoes can only be loaded into proton launchers) The key stat that you are looking for is the refire rate. the lower the better.

Boosters provide your ship with just that, a boost. It is also the component that allows your ship to go into hyperspace. The key stat that you are looking for is the Acceleration and Top Booster Speed rate. the higher the better.

Guide Made by: Mor-Dan , Sunrunner

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