This guide will explain how to obtain the non-wearable AT-ST helmet but you can drop it inside your house. Along with the helmet you can get lots of stuff like the Imperial Stamina pack and nice dinner entries.

*Warning if you want the Imperial Stamina Medpack do it before doing this guide.

1. Go to the planet Tatooine, the city of Mos Taike located at 3769, 2417 there is no space port there so you'll have to fly to a near by city.

2. Behind the Garage you'll find Bren Kingal, talk to him to and take his jobs

3. After completing 3 of his jobs the 4th one will have you hunting a Bounty Hunter Trainer named Trone Thanamiroc his HAM is around 7500.

4. After you kill the Bounty Hunter a AT-ST helmet will appears in your inventory, your suppose to give it to Bren Kingal as proof that got your man, just deposit it into your bank before you talk to him or just talk a job from someone else so they let you off the mission. you can repeat this mission as many times as you want.


Note: Additional Rewards include a full meal as seen below. You can not eat these but again you can use them to decorated your house.

Reward for 1st mission

Reward for 2nf mission

Reward for 3rd mission

Reward for 4th mission, after turning in the AT-ST helmet

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