This guide was submitted by Trey Adams (In-game - Traie from Eclipse). This guide will show you how to obtain the Zicx Bug Bomb.

1. Head to the planet Rori the city of Narmlie located at - 5430, 80, - 2241.

2. When you arrive go talk to Goru Rainstealer. He's in a small courtyard next to the starport at
- 5430, 80, - 2241
. Ask him to make you a special Weapon. He will then tell you about the Zicx Bug Bomb that he can make for you and how to get the materials to make it.

3. He will give you his calling card to show his friend.

4. Head to Tatooine the city of Wayfar.

5. In the rear of Wayfar you will find Jowir Ar’lensa at -5249, 75, -6551 talk to him and before he gives you the Zicx Bugs he will have you do a job for him. He wants you to go retrieve some specially processed spice from some Valarian's who stole it.

6. There will be 3, The target that has 3000 HAM and his 2 buddies with 1500 HAM. after you kill the target you will receive the Specially processed spice.

7. Take the Specially processed spice back to Jowir Ar’lensa and he will give you a jar of Zicx Bugs.

8. Head to the other side of Wayfar there you will find Palu, she will give a suit that will resist the poison from the Sarlacc but before she gives it to you she will ask you to go get her sister.
(you don't need the suit to get the Sarlacc bile but you will be poisoned severally)

9. She is just outside of town surrounded by 4 Valarian's that have 900 HAM each kill them and escort her back to her sister any you'll receive a Treated Protective Coverall.

10. Before you head to the Great Sarlacc pit put on the suit given to you by Palu.

11. Next head to the Great Sarlacc Pit which is located at -6164, 18, -3354 the waypoint can be found in your POI.

12. Get next to the Sarlacc and target it and extract bile from it, don't worry about the warnings you get about the poison being released. You will get this Jar of Sarlacc Bile.

13. Head back to the planet Rori the city of Narmlie located at - 5430, 80, - 2241.

14. Drag the Zicx Bugs and Sarlacc Bile onto Goru Rainstealer then target him and ask him if you can have the weapon he will then give you the Zicx Bug Bomb.

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