This guide will show you how to get access to the Death Watch Bunker.

1. Head to the planet Tatooine goto Jabbas Palace located at -5858, -6110

2. Talk to Boba Fett he is in the main lobby were Jabba is he will give you the access code to the DW bunker..

3. Next head to Naboo (any city, theed is a good choice) once your there get buffed and drop what ever you dont want to decay when you are slain. Jedi's die in here so chances are you most likely will too.

4. Once you have your ducks in a row head for Endor. Choose the Smuggler's Outpost. When you arrive I suggest you find a group if your not in one yet and head north west to -4678, 4341

4. This is what your looking for be on the look out for any DW or droids hanging outside.

5. When you go through the front door there will be a control panel to your left. Access it and it will give you access to the bunker.

6. This is what the map of the Bunker looks like.

7. Once inside kill anything that moves.

That's how you get inside the Death Watch Bunker, In the next upcoming weeks I will post NPC and loot specs when I get the info. If you can help with this guide please contact us here


To be continue....



courtesy of: GX-XIV

30K HAM 200k+ HAM 60K HAM


30K HAM 200k+ HAM 60K HAM



200k+ HAM    




courtesy of: GX-XIV


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