Here is the confirmed method for getting glowy which will start you on your way to becoming a Jedi.
There may be alternate forms of "credit" for Content badges. See the undetermined section.
Any /check status other than Glowing may be unreliable. If you are reporting a lower status than you should be (faint, strong, etc), do not be concerned, you will still glow once you finish up everything.
Once you are glowing you will be visited eventually by the old man. The devs are trickling out old man visits to avoid crashing Dathomir. If you are glowing and not yet visited, you are not bugged. You will be visited. You may have to wait a few days.

Required Badges
1 Profession badge
5 Content badges
3 Jedi POIs ***
5 Easy POIs ***
2 Difficult POIs ***

*** POI requirements may instead be: 10 POI badges that include: 1 difficult POI, 1 to 3 Jedi POIs

Badges that qualify as Content Badges:
Jabba's Themepark
Nym's Themepark
Rebel Themepark
Imperial Themepark
2 Warren Badges (Compassion, imperial hero)
9 Corvette Badges (Rebel, Neutral, Imperial missions. 3 for each faction)
Jedi POI Badges:
Ben's house - Tatooine
Jedi Temple - Dantooine
Exar Kun's Temple - Yavin

Difficult POI Badges:
Krayt Skeleton - Tatooine
Sarlacc - Tatooine
Tusken Pool - Tatooine
Krayt Graveyard - Tatooine
Lesser Sarlacc - Dathomir

All other POI explore badges are "easy"

Example of a guaranteed route:
1 profession badge
Jabba's Themepark - Content
Nym's Themepark - Content
Rebel (or Imperial) Themepark - Content
2 Warren Badges - Content
3 Jedi POIs
Krayt Skeleton POI - dangerous
Sarlacc Pit POI - dangerous
Escape Pod POI
Lars Homestead POI
Bottom of the Theed Falls POI
Vreni Island Theater POI
Rouge Corsec Base POI

Undetermined Content Badge alternates:
These are potential alternates for Content Badges. There is not yet enough information to guarantee any of these.

- Large numbers of profession badges
- Holo professions
- Badgeless Themeparks giving content credit (Valarian, Nightsister, etc)

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