The following instructions will so you how to complete the Hero of Tatooine quests. the quest can not be completed in one day because it is hard to find the NPC's that you need to talk to so expect to spend some time on these quest.

1. Head to the planet Tatooine and select the city of Bestine. once there head for the Squills Cave located at 10, -218. Its basically in the middle of the map, you should also take a group.

2. Once there you need to make your way to the back of the cave to talk to the Hermit, below you will see were he is located. 

3. He will talk about how the empire has ruined everything, agree with him and he will continue to talk to you about how these dark times need a hero and he explains to be a true hero you must bear the mark of intellect, courage, honor, and altruism. he will also give you a small mission to complete.

4. You have to loot a Squill's lair for a squill skull. Below you will see the location of the lair. After you give the looted skull to the Hermit he will give you some hints on how to finish these quests.


These are the hints the hermit gives you. there not that useful but Ill post them just incase you want to read them

MARK OF ALTRUISM - "To obtain the Mark of Altruism, you must selflessly help a soul in need. Somewhere, in the harsh desert heat, a farmer desperately cries out... in need of a hero"

MARK OF INTELLECT - "In order to attain the Mark of Intellect, you must find one in need of your wisdom. Perhaps a bounty hunter needs assistance... or a puzzle needs to be solved somewhere in the galaxy. I beseech you to keep an eye out while traveling to the cities of Tatooine. You'll find what you're looking for there."

MARK OF COURAGE - "You will gain the Mark of Courage be defeating a ferocious beast bent of terrorizing the world. Speak with the people of cities of Tatooine. Perhaps they know of such a beast."

MARK OF HONOR - "Somewhere on this desert planet, strife between ranchers and pirates rages on. Seek them out, choose the correct path and the Mark of Honor shall be bestowed upon you."

Mark Of Altruism

5. look for a farmer in the desert in need of a hero. The farmer your looking for is actually a moisture farmer that spawns randomly south of Mos Taike. He doesn't come up on the radar, but he does come up white on the over head map.


6. Here is a map of the area he has been spotted at it is south of Mos Taike your going to have to search this area for a long time, I spent two weeks looking for the guy.

Spawn found at: 2123 1291, 2470 1394, 2511 1357, 2439 1294, 3196 1272, 3303 1107, 2123 1291
2494 1714, 2545 1741, 2778 1507, 5100 800,2168 1293,2488 1676, 3640 -44, 1839 966, 2570 1164
2478 687, 1003 1240, 2560 1324, 2437 1421

7. Once you find him he will ask ask you for help, he tells you about how his wife and kid are being held for ransom of 10,000, you have the option of giving him the 10k or saving them yourself.
Warning: Do not give him the 10k, you will fail the mission and he will disappear. Choose to free them. Ask him were they are and he will tell you 6522, -1350 then he will disappear. head to the cave only after you talked to the farmer.

8. The cave is a difficult one, the NPC's have 9000HAM and respawn fast so you might want to take some friends. Below is a picture of the cave and were the poi are. First head to the Crate with Explosives and pick them up. Second head to the back of the cave and blow up the rock blocking the way to the wife and kid and third you have to escort the wife and kid out.

Warning: you cant burst run out. so be prepared to fight your way out of the cave.

9. After escorting the wife and kid to safety the wife will thank you and give you the Mark of Altruism. and you will also receive a badge for it.

If you fail this mission or something isn't working all you and your group have to do is leave the cave, and wait for about 5mins and re-enter. everything will reset. make sure no one is in the cave even if their not in your group.

Mark Of Intellect

10. You have to find a Bounty Hunter named Celmeo Erar that is surrounded by 5 smugglers.

11. She will spawn in the major cities in the following locations

Bestine: in between the Cantina and the Starport

Anchorhead: behind the Cloning facility next to the wall

Mos Espa: inside the courtyard that has the destroyed engine in it.

Mos Entha: On the walk way that leads from the Starport to the Cantina.

Mos Eisley: next to the garage

Mos Taike: outside of the Tavern

Once you find the bounty hunter, you find out that she needs help finding out which one of the smugglers is her mark. Tell here you want to try and help and then question the 5 smugglers. Try and figure out which one is the mark, then tell here which one you think it is.

High light below to reveal the answer:
When looking for the Bounty Hunter's mark, ask each smuggler "What do you know about the other smugglers?". The Bounty Hunter's mark will say one of the these three things "Don't trust XXX and XXX, both of them are lying." or "I overheard XXX and XXX talking earlier. They are both liars, don't trust either of them." or "I know that XXX and XXX are both liars. Don't listen to a word they say."

After you tell her which smuggler is the right one she will give you the Mark of Intellect and a badge.

Mark Of Courage

11. This quest is pretty simple There is a beast that is terrorizing the planet and you have to kill it, the beast is a "Wild Blade back Boar"  that has about 10k HAM all you have to do is kill it.

12. You can find the Boar in the green highlighted area, he tends to spawn around the old swoop race track. here are some spawn cords he has been found at. Spawn found: -861 4557, -159 5040,   -1264 5379, -695 4506, 16 4068, -533 4314, -1023 5214, -318 4477, -443 4970, -1183 4647, -575 4985, -1618 5272, -97 5025, -471 4715, -991 5887, -998 5240, -500 4600, -1131 6185

13. Once you have found and kill the boar just loot it and you will get the Mark of Courage and a badge.

Mark Of Honor

14. To receive the Mark of Honor you most find a group of 3 pirates, 2 pirates and 1 pirate leader, kill the two pirates which have 5000 HAM each and try and kill the leader he has 11000 HAM. When you  get him down to 3000 HAM hi will to in to a non attackable npc. he then talks to you and gives you a mission to help his friends.

Warning: don't use special attacks because it tends to bug the mission when you KD or dizzy him.

15. The is the hardest spawn to find, it seems that it is still bugged since the update. You can find the quest in the green highlighted area of the map below. Known cords to spawn: 4650 -3860 , 4091 -4310, 4835 -4845, 5946 -5233, 6390 -5220, 5966 -5224, 5513 -5362, 4467 -5192, 5267 -4349, 6377 -4623, 5912 -5135, 4704 -4399, 4612 -3969, 4614 -4978, 6337 -5325, 4373 -3956, 5930 -5933, 6144 -4800

16. The Pirate leader will give you directions to where his friends are being held (5000, -4700) head to the ranchers house once you get the directions.

17. Once you get to the house you will meet the Ranchers wife she will explain that she has trapped the pirates in her house and if you could watch them while she takes a break.

18. Head downstairs and access the Intercom to talk to the trapped pirates, tell them that you wont help them. After that wait about a minute and then the rancher will return with a stormtrooper to take the pirates away.

19. After the Stormtrooper takes the pirates away you will receive the Mark of Honor and a badge.

20. Head back to the Squill cave located at 10, -218 and talk to the Hermit he will give you a ring that has the ability to restore a small amount of life if you die. (he will not take the four parts from you)

20. If you don't care about the ring you can drop the four parts in your house and make a great decoration out of it.

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