this is a guide to show you how to complete Jabba's theme park get some nice rewards and obtain the Jabba badge of trust.

1. Head to the planet Tatooine the city of  Wayfar. it is located at -5870, -6134.

2. Once you arrive talk to Reelo Baruk. He will give you 3 jobs.

1.) Kill 2 tuskins with 4000HAM.
2.) Kill 4 Valarian thief's. with 1500HAM.
3.) Kill 4 more Valarian thief's. with 1500HAM

Once you are done you will be rewarded with 3 Lightweight Vibro Blade Unit.


3. Next go and talk to Ree-Yees. He will give you 3 more jobs.

1.) Kill 4 Valarian thief's with 1200HAM,
2.) Kill 4 Jawa's with 600HAM
3.) Deliver mission with one Valarian thief's with 1200HAM.

Once you complete the missions you will receive some Mabari Steelweave Pants. (some players will get another piece of Mabari armor)


. Head upstairs and start talking to Ephant Mon. He has 3 jobs for you.

1.) Kill 2 Valarian thugs with 12000HAM.
2.) Kill a Valarian courier with 300HAM there are also some thugs hanging around him.
3.) Deliver mission were you have to kill a Valarian assassin with 3000HAM.

As your reward you will receive a 1 of 3 different pictures. Big portrait if a Twi'Lek, Small portrait if a Twi'Lek or an Advertisement.


. Head to the kitchen, there you will find Porcellus he will give you 3 missions as well.

1.) Kill a Kaduu that has 3000HAM and is guarded by 2 mercenary's with 3000HAM.
2.) Kill 2 bodyguards with 300HAM and a veterinarian at 1500HAM.
3.) Kill the "Meat Beast" which is a red dewback at 7000HAM and retrieve some meat.

For finishing Porcellus's missions you will get a Schematic to make a Crafter's Apron.


. Head down stairs to the Garage and speak to Barada. he will give you 3 missions.

1.) Kill a Valarian thug with 3000HAM.
2.) Delivery with no enemies.
3.) Pretty cool one, you have to destroy a building guarded by 4 Valarian thugs with 300HAM.

Set the timer  on the building to 30 seconds and watch the fireworks.

Your reward for finishing Barada's missions is a Gamorrean Battle Axe.

. Head into Jabba main courtyard and speak to Bib Fortuna. He will give you 4 missions.

1.) Escort mission.
2.) Kill a bounty hunter with 7000HAM and his two thugs with 300HAM.
3.) Pickup a briefcase.
4.) Kill 4 slavers which have 800HAM.

You will receive a Schematic for Demolitionist belt for finishing Bib's missions.


. Finale you get to talk to Jabba or at least his protocol droid G-5PO (the one that he is said to of destroyed is ROTJ). He will give you 8 missions.

1.) Kill 2 Valerian thugs with 300HAM and Escort some guy back to Jabba.
2.) Kill 4 Valerian thugs with 1000HAM
3.) Kill 2 Valerian thugs with 1000HAM and Valerian Courier with 3000HAM
4.) Kill 4 Valerian thugs with 1000HAM and Valerian Strike team leader with 8000HAM
5.) Deliver a briefcase
6.) Kill 2 Valerian thugs with 1000HAM and Bounty Hunter with 3000HAM
7.) Deliver a briefcase
8.) Kill 4 Valerian thugs with 300HAM and retrieve a Rantok Sword.

Know you can do a couple of things here. One you can stick it to Jabba and keep the sword. Second you can deliver the sword to Jabba or third you can deposit the sword in a house, bank or have a friend hold it and then return to Jabba and cancel the job then do it again.

If you decide to be a nice guy and deliver the sword to Jabba you will get a schematic for a Feather weight FWG5 Pistol and a Badge for the Jabba theme park.



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