Follow the instructions below to obtain the Polished Krayt dragon skull.

1. Head to the planet Naboo the city of  Moenia it is located at 4846, -4686.

2. Go to the cantina and in the back you see two guards. talk to the first one. He will give you two missions. One is a escort mission and the others a kill mission. at the end he will give you a badge so you can impersonate an officer.

3. After finishing those two missions you have to go to the planet Corellia, the city of Coronet located at -126, -4709. Once there use the /find capitol feature and go there.

4. Once there talk to Thale Dustrunner he will also give you two kill missions once your done with those missions he gives you a briefcase with Brovo's money in it.

5. Head back to Naboo, city of Moenia.

6. Head for the Cantina, and drag the Briefcase on to Brovo the Hutt.

7. After giving him the briefcase he will give you two mission. Both are kill missions. Once you are done he rewards you with a Tuskin King's Rifle

8. Go to the planet Tatooine, the city of Bestine then head for the Darkligther's Estate located at -699, -6680.

. Talk to the guard out front he gives you one mission to test your loyalty, just deliver a legder.

. After doing that mission go inside and drag the rifle you got from Brovo onto Huff Darklighter, he gives you two missions an escort and a kill mission.

. After doing those missions he will reward you with this. Congratulations

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