This Guide will show you how to complete the life day celebration quest. it is very simple and gives a great gifts.

Note: This quest is only up until early January 2005 so if you missed it better luck next year and don't feel bad. you didn't miss much.

1. Head for the Vreni Island (Corellia). The Lake Retreat (Naboo), or Anchorhead (Tatooine) and find a wookie in a red robe.

2. He will give you one of  a waypoint to his families house.

    - Endor -1020, -900
    - Yavin -60, -3857

You will come up to a small hut with 2 wookie outside and 2 inside.

3. Go inside the hut and speak to Oraalarri the Elder (White Wookie) and he will tell you to go speak to the rest of the wookies so you can learn about Life Day.

4. You will receive 1 of 2 paintings. Happy Life Day

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