This guide will show you how to obtain the legendary RIS armor that is the rarest armor in SWG with the exception of Mandolarian armor. Being that obtaining RIS armor is a very difficult task this will be an on going guide. and we would like to thank our resident Jedi Kexi for submitting this guide.

Before attempting this quest you will need to have Master Armorsmith, 50k credits, and enough to fly to and back from Dantooine. That being said, here we go.

1. You will need to get to -6806, 6022 on Dantooine so fly to the Imperial Outpost and then to whatever player city is closest and speeder your way the rest of the way there. This is just north of the abandoned Rebel base POI..

2. Once you get to the waypoint you will see the hermit's hut

3. Head inside to meet the Rodian hermit
named Mol Ni'mai

3. He will not talk to you unless you are a Master Armorsmith, this is a requirement. So go ahead and talk to him and he will tell say...

"You believe you have learned all there is to know about being armorsmith. You haven't! I know far more than you ever will, but still there are a few lessons I could teach you. Learning these things will not be easy for someone such as you. It will be expensive in both time and in credits. Furthermore, I have no patience for insolent students. You do as i say and don't bother me with stupid questions! So what to you say? Give me 50000 credits and we'll get started. Be quick about it! I'm very busy."

Tell him "I am ready to begin. Here are my credits" and you move on to the next step 50k poorer.

3. After accepting his teaching he will say...

"I suspected you would agree to my terms. Let's get started. I'm going to teach you how to construct my masterpiece invention: R.I.S. armor. This armor has no equal in battle. Everything else is junk compared to this! Of course, it is exceedingly difficult to create, especially for a fledgling armorsmith such as you. But, no matter. We'll take it slow so you can comprehend. Are you with me so far?"

3. After telling the Hermit yes then he will tell you the last bit he will tell you for now...

"As you know, creating armor starts with the armor segment. That is where we shall start as well. Like all armor segments, R.I.S. segments require resources which I'm sure you already know how to acquire. They also, however, require some special components. For strength, they require bone fragments from a Woolamander Harrower. For flexibility, they require the hide of a Recluse Gurk King. Use this schematic to create the armor segment and bring it back to me. I don't' care how you get the materials, but you must construct the segment yourself. You can only learn by doing it yourself! Now go busy yourself with making the armor segment and come back to me when you are done."

At this point you are done for now. You have your new RIS Segment that you can craft from any personal crafting station but you will need recourses a little bit more rare. You will need...

160 Titanium Aluminum
160 Chanlor Intrusive Ore
75 Rori Fiberplast
1 Woolamander Harrower bone fragment
1 Gurk king hide


to be continued...

*This is as far as i have got at the moment and I am currently hunting down the 2 loot components, will finish the guide as I finish the quest*

Q. Where do I find the Woolamander bone fragments?
A. These are fairly hard to get a hold of, they usually sell for right at 500k and there is only one spot to get these. Head to the Woolamander Temple POI on Yavin (477, -616) and at the very back right hand side there is a spawn of 2 harrowers that spawn at the same time, and they are on about about a one hour respawn timer, and only these 2 harrowers will drop the loot you need. This is the only spawn of these in the entire galaxy so good luck finding them.

Q. Where do i find the Gurk King Hide?
A. These are much easier to find than the Wooly Harrower Bones. First off head to Lok and there are 2 static spawns of these guys, one at roughly (700, -3300) and another at (-3762,-3467) these are rumored to both be at a 1hr5min respawn. Gurk Kings will also spawn at random (non-mission) gurk lairs. These only spawn from nests, not rocks or thickets. If you find a nest with 2 feral gurks in the initial spawn then you will get a Recluse Gurk King 100% of the time, but it may be tough to find.

Q. I harvested both of these resources and still can't make the segment, what am I doing wrong?
A. These are both looted components, not resources. So loot the corpses instead of using scout's harvest.

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