This mission was done on the Bria Server, the mission or gift may be different on other servers if Sean lost the election.

1. Head to Tatooine, City of Bestine located at -1249, -3586. Once you arrive use the /find capitol function it will lead you to the capitol building.

2. There you will find Sean Trenwell, accept his mission to help out with the Ship wreckage that was found in the desert.

3. Head to the south end of the town to -787, -3944 you will see the wreckage from a bit away.

4. There you will find Etwachi Archined. Accept her mission to help her search the wreckage

5. Find the Terminial sticking out of the ground.

5. When you approach it you will find a Damaged data disk. Take it back to Etwachi Archined and then she tells you to show it to Sean Trenwell. After giving him the Disk he gives it back to you so you can destroy it.

6. Take it to this guy named Icrivavi. He's outside the Bestine cloning center. Give him the disk, he then tells you to return to Sean Trenwell.

7. When you return to Sean Trenwell he will give you this Painting as a reward for helping him out.

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