This guide will explain how to obtain a schematic to learn how to make a Shellfish Harvester. which can be used to locate mollusk and crustaceans.

Note. You can also get this schematic from a guy in Anchorhead under the bridge

1. Go to the planet Tatooine, the city of Wayfar located at -5045, -6604 there is no space port there so you'll have to fly to a near by city.

2. At the entrance to the city under some tents you will find a small human named Rakir Banai. He will give you 4 missions which are pretty simple. the 
1st is a kill mission paying 1000 credits,
2nd is a retrieve w/ 2 thugs paying 2000 credits,
3rd is and escort w/ 2 thugs paying 3000 credits and the
4th one is a kill mission w/ 2 mercenary's each with about 1300 HAM and the target with 2000 HAM This mission pays 4000 credits.

3. Once you complete these missions Rakir Banai will reward you with the schematic for a Shellfish Harvesting tool.

Note: this is Kitsers Banai's father.
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