To get these splinters you have to accept Darkside jobs that wont let you accept jobs from the Lightside.

Warning: if you do this mission you can not do the Jedi Follower's mission that will give you a Jedi Holocron

1. Head to the planet Dantooine and select the Mining Outpost. once there head for the Jedi Temple Ruins located at 4274, 5419

2. Talk to Luthik Uwyr. he will ask to to test your worthiness by killing and animal, its HAM is 8000. then he sends you on a deliver mission.

3. On the third mission he will ask you to give these Holocron splinters to some guy so he can destroy them. once you have the splinters cancel the mission by telling Luthik you cant finish it right now. you can do this as many times as you like.

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