To submit your profile just follow the instructions below or download the .txt file and fill in the blanks.

1.) Download the .txt file and fill it out.

2.) Find a real picture of yourself

3.) Take a screenshot of your character (hit the Print Screen button next to the F12 button while in the game)

4.) Submit those 3 required files back to us and name them after your character like in the picture below.

We only accept .txt and pictures in .jpg, .jpeg and .gif format Once you have everything go ahead and submit them below.

You can also gain a little Fame by submitting your character's picture to be on our pages, their on a rotating script so your character will get a change to be on the front page. you can submit a screen shot of the login screen with your character on it. or if you want, send in a front view of your character as long as it fits within this picture. you can also download the master .PSD file if you use Photoshop.

How do I submit my profile?

1. Get a good shoot of your character, you can swing your camera in front of your character by turning the chase camera off ( # keypad Del)

2. Once you have the shot you want press the Print Screen button, it's next to the F12 button, that will save the picture to your SWG folder which can be find at C:\Program Files\StarWarsGalaxies. Inside that folder you can find all the pictures that were saved.

3. You now have a picture of your character, next you have to get a picture of yourself. well this is pretty simple, use a digital camera, Webcam, or just smash your face against a scanner if you don't have any of those I guess you can go ask a friend that has one.

4. You should now have a picture of your character and of yourself, next you have to fill out this form.

5. After you finish filling out the form, submit all three files to us at you should name all of the files after you so that we don't mix things up. and that it.

Thanks for visiting, where you can meet some of the people behind the pixels in Star Wars Galaxies and find some great guides and information.