This is the Neutral Corellian Corvette Walk through guide. We will show you were and what you have to do to get this mission done.

1. First you have to go to Jabba's palace on Tatoonie it is located at -5858, -6110

2. In the First Hall you walk into you'll see a NPC named Bruce McBrian talk to him and he'll ask you for help. He explains what three locations you have to visit to find a destruction code. Those three locations are 1. Mauler stronghold, 2. Rogue CorSec's base, 3. Nightsisters Labor camp. Now you don't have to visit all three locations you can stop when you find the CorSec destruction codes. Some very lucky people find it at the Maulers base, some other lucky people find it at the CorSec base but most unlucky people find it at the Nightsister's camp. there are three different datapads a bounty hunters story, a Jedi's story and the CorSec destruction code. Well like I said once you find it you can head back to Jabba's and get your boarding pass.

3. Make your why to Naboo to visit the Maulers Strong hold. It's located at 2959, 1178

4. Once there you might have to fight some maulers they range from 1000 to 2800 HAM. Well once your inside the house go to the back room and search this crate.

5. You should find a datapad. if its the CorSec destruction code head back to Tatoonie. If not make your way to Corellia to visit the Rogue CorSec Base. It's located at 5336, 1578

6. these CorSec's have a HAM similar to the Maulers but there are a lot of them so either go in a group, have a really good buff and gun or have at least +3000 CorSec faction points. (check faction standings Ctrl+O) once inside the base head for the small building, go all the way to the bottom floor and right before the last room check the station to your left.

7. You should find a datapad. if its the CorSec destruction code head back to Tatoonie. If not make your way to Dathomir to visit the Nightsister's Labor Camp. It's located at 2521, -1562

8. Now I don't care if you have a good buff, pre-nerfed gun or you can solo rancor. You have to get at least +3000 Nightsisters faction points before you visit the camp, go and kill some Singing Mountain Clan witches. It's hard to find them so goto the Nightsisters Stronghold (find location in your POI)  and take the job from the witch who is looking for her lost Rancor, at the waypoint for the rancor they'll be 2 Singing Mountain Clan witches and 1 Nightsister witch, Don't touch her even if she attacks. Killing her gives you -1000 faction points. Well when you have reached +3000 Nightsisters faction points head over to the camp, (they should ignore you now) head to the location in the picture below and search the case.

9. Once you get the datapad make your way back to Tatoonie to speak to Bruce. Hell give you a Ticket to fly up there. Head behind Jabba's palace and you'll see starport.
*** before you talk to Klaatu and head up there make sure you get a group of highly trained fighters to go with you. limit is 10 I suggest you get 10. Once you have your group and head up there you only have 1 hour to finish.  

10. If you cant finish the Corvette in 1 hour or fail cause you went up alone cause you thought you were a hot tamale you'll go back to Jabba's and have to redo the whole thing over again to get another ticket. And remember once your up there you cant come back down until your done or your hour is up. If you die you respawn up there.

11. How to destroy the Corvette....... to be continued

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